How much does a mural cost?

If only mural art was so simple! The reality is that each and every mural is different. So naturally the prices will be equally bespoke. But as common sense suggests size and level of detail are the two most important elements which dictate the price. And with every project being unique other things to keep in mind include whether scaffolding is required, condition of the wall and where it located (eg ceilings are more difficult murals to paint and so are more expensive). A site visit at the mural location would naturally be necessary before any formal quote could be offered.

How long does it take?

Well, like the costing, it depends. I've painted murals in a day and also worked on extensive projects taking months to complete. But based on average size and difficulty the whole process takes about a month from the initial consultation through to completion: design sketches need to be drawn, revisions agreed upon, full sized outlines and other preparatory work completed, and lastly the final implementation on the wall/ceiling.