About me

Mural art is and always has been my specialty. With a mural artist father I grew up with this style of painting around me. My inspirations to name but a few have been Michelangelo, Diego Rivera, Japanese artwork as well as ancient frescos from Greek and Roman times.

I studied mural art for 6 years at Moscow's prestigious Earl Strogonov Art Academy (1998–2004). The specialized course involved liaising with architects, reviewing plans and making models all with a focus to use mural art to improve the overall design. Of course I also extensively covered fundamental subjects such as colour perception, art composition and a huge emphasis on painting/drawing technique. Since graduating I have worked on various commissions, mainly for private clients but also including some public buildings and churches.

My experience has covered most techniques including painting «al secco», fresco, sgraffito (nothing to do with graffiti!) and mosaics for instance. Through my classical background, I have gained the freedom to paint just about anything that takes my fancy including copies of old masters, through to my own designed work and some painting for children. Please take a look at my portfolio to get a better feel for the type of murals and paintings I have done.